eHealth Innovation Days 2017

The eHealth Innovation Days 2017 have concluded and we would like to thank all participants for making this such a wonderful conference and experience.

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Below you can find all presentations, as well as some pictures.

Presentations & Slides

eHealth in the Baltic Sea Region

Home monitoring of COPD patients – experiences and results
by Helen Houmøller Rasmussen (TeleCare Nord, Denmark)
[Presentation slides]

eHealth in Finland – status quo and outlook
by Sami Perälä (South Ostrobothnia Health Technological Development Centre, Finland)
[Presentation slides]

eHealth in Sweden - status quo and outlook
by Maria Hägglund (Karolinska Institutet HIC, Health Informatics Centre, Sweden)
[Presentation slides]


Open session

Digital Health Literacy – a prerequisite for successful adoption of eHealth solutions
by Thomas Karopka (ScanBalt, Germany)
[Presentation slides]

Secure infrastructure for the mobile legion
by Raphael Reitzig (HealthDataSpace, Büchenbach, Germany)
[Presentation slides] - [Presentation slides + notes]

Baltic Fracture Competence Center – Fostering innovation for better fracture management
by Thomas Frahm (Life Science Nord, Hamburg, Germany)
[Presentation slides]

Prometheus - the empowered patients
by Felix Prell (UKSH, University Medical Center, Kiel, Germany)
[Presentation slides]
and Jette Ammentorp (SHL, Lillebaelt Hospital)
[Presentation slides]

Estonian EU-presidency: Update about eHealth in Estonia and EU perspectives
by Peeter Ross (Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia)
[Presentation slides]

The real Point of Care – mHealth new defined
by Stefanie Berger (m.Doc GmbH, Germany)
[Presentation slides]


Innovative projects and companies

Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) Services & EU funding possibilities in eHealth
by Cornelia Pankratz (Investitionsbank Schleswig-Holstein, Enterprise Europe Network Hamburg / Schleswig-Holstein)
[Presentation slides]

Welfare Tech Cluster – the Danish hub for healthcare technology innovation – and cross border cluster cooperation – the Demantec case
by Karen Lindegaard (Welfare Tech, Denmark)
[Presentation slides]

BaltCityPrevention – Baltic cities tackle lifestyle related diseases
by Anna-Lena Pohl (Flensburg University of Applied Sciences, Germany)
[Presentation slides]


User involvement and usability

The role of patient associations in digital health services
by Dee O'Sullivan (my health apps, UK/Belgium)
[Presentation slides]

Digital Orphans
by Dr. Janne Lahtiranta (University of Turku, Finland)
[Presentation slides]



Conference's welcome and intermission slides
[Presentation slides]