Investitionsbank Schleswig-Holstein (IB.SH), the development bank of the Land (state) Schleswig-Holstein, plays a key role in providing financial support to foster regional development and growth in Schleswig-Holstein. IB.SH offers advice on funding and financing. It provides tailor-made solutions for corporate, real estate and public infrastructure financing as well as for city development, environmental and energy projects.

Furthermore, grants are provided to support labour market development and training measures. Financial assistance is given to public and private investment projects in Schleswig-Holstein. IB.SH with more than 400 employees is in charge of approximately 60 programmes and products including special services, such as EU Consulting and "IB.SH Förderlotsen" (navigator through the funding and financing instruments in Schleswig-Holstein).

For further information check out: http://www.ib-sh.de/en/

m.Doc: A single platform, many possibilities

Imagine, you're out working in the field, and you're on the road in your car. You don’t feel well. You are sweating, you feel sick and experience a slight shortness of breath. Could these be non-specific signs of a heart attack, or did you eat something that wasn’t right? What if you could talk to a doctor in such cases from your car by pressing a button on your entertainment and navigation system, in order to run through your symptoms and any next steps with him or her? This is precisely what m.Doc wants to make accessible to customers in the mobility sector. Whether you’re aboard an aircraft, on a ship, traveling by rail, or on the road, a doctor is always at hand in an emergency. But our health care platform can do much more besides. In the long term, our vision is that every person should have their doctor in their trouser pocket at all times. Given that demographic change in particular poses major challenges for health care systems in many industrialised countries. Life expectancy is increasing and hence also average health expenditure per head. There are already many regions facing a shortage of specialists today. In addition to classical communication such as video or messaging, patients can also use m.Doc to safely store their medical records. Both medical equipment such as ECG or ultrasound, as well as wearables and classic apps, can be connected to the platform. This also makes it easier for the doctors to offer treatment via telemedicine. In turn, they can use m.Doc’s specially developed applications such as the virtual practice or Smart Clinic to get in touch with their patients . This would relieve the health system and waiting rooms alike. Because today, not every physical visit to the doctor is actually necessary or even possible. Digitization of the health sector clearly still has a long way to go. However, m.Doc already offers an interesting start and significant added value for many industries. This should be a source of motivation.

‘Connected Health’ has become reality with the m.Doc mHealth platform. m.Doc can be deployed in a range of situations across economic sectors and segments, via established communication channels like video and messaging, via data sharing between medical devices, wearables and existing apps or via applications specially developed for easier physician use in a practice or hospital setting. The goal is for the focus to be on the patient, who is afforded the possibility of receiving physician care from any where and at all times – be it on the road, in an aeroplane or on a boat or train. m.Doc is also about connecting qualified partners with the solutions and systems that comprise a viable platform. Usability/user-friendliness for all parties and users is a top priority alongside quality, safety, data security and reliability. m.Doc was founded in 2016 by an experienced group of entrepreneurs based in Cologne. The company's growth plans involve in part strategic partnerships with such prominent corporations as GE Healthcare and Telekom.”

For further information check out: https://www.mdoc.one/


HealthDataSpace – the health cloud with German Data Privacy and Protection Seal of Quality – is a service by Telepaxx Medical Archiving and Digithurst. Thanks to this free software development kit (SDK) you can build secure health apps faster. Easily store, share and encrypt data, and send secure messages. HealthDataSpace takes care of data privacy and protection, high availability as well as interoperability. All medical data – currently more than 6 billion medical images – are stored solely on servers in Germany. More than 600 German clinics are already taking advantage of this service.

Institute for eHealth and Management in Health Care

The Institute for eHealth and Management in Health Care (Institut für eHealth und Management im Gesundheitswesen, IEMG) was founded at Flensburg University of Applied Sciences’ School of Business in 2013.The IEMG thus continues in a tradition established more than 20 years ago when a degree programme in hospital management was first introduced.

Today bachelor’s students of business administration can choose hospital management as their major. In addition we offer a master’s degree programme “eHealth” (M.A.). We were the first to establish a degree programme in this field back in 2007. The research activities in our subject area have increased considerably over the last years. The IEMG cooperates with a number of partners from the health care area as part of international projects, a special focus is being put on the Baltic Sea Region. We work with partners from Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Belarus.

The IEMG also cooperates with hospitals and university hospitals, companies and organisations from various areas of the health industry; they include health insurance providers as well as medical engineering and software companies.

At the IEMG we combine expertise in business administration, management, business informatics, medicine and social sciences. In the long run we plan to extend our range of courses and offer continuing education programmes for professionals and companies from the health industry in addition to our degree programmes. By doing this we aim to meet the increasing demand for specialist and management level professionals.

For further information check out: http://www.institut-ehealth.de/



eHealth for Regions

The eHealth for Regions Network is an association of stakeholders in the health sector in the Baltic Sea Region. The Network is an incubator for innovative projects in the Baltic Sea Region, it facilitates the transnational cooperation on eHealth and wants to create a common European eHealth Area.

Find information about eHealth in the Baltic Sea Region or become a network member and benefit from experiences and knowledge of our international partners, regional forerunners and us. You can develop new project ideas, share information or cooperate with network partners within transnational projects. And you can get informed about latest news and events or join virtual seminars and discuss interesting current topics and regional projects via video conference. We look forward to the joint work in fostering eHealth in the Baltic Sea Regions!

For further information check out: http://www.ehealthforregions.net/



German-Danish eHealth Innovation Center

The German-Danish eHealth Innovation Center aims to make eHealth solutions available for the cross-border provision of health care and support local healthcare IT companies with their market entry. We want to achieve this especially by facilitating know-how transfer in the health care industry and across borders. This exchange between the various companies will be made possible through a German-Danish database for expertise and skills in health care IT and through bilingual eHealth applications.

For further information check out: ddk-eic.eu/en/