Our Speakers 2017

Maria Hägglund

Maria Hägglund

Senior Researcher at Karolinska Institutet/Stockholm University

Maria is a senior researcher at the Health Informatics Centre at Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm, Sweden. She defended her PhD thesis entitled “Sharing is caring - Integrating Health Information Systems to Support Patient-Centred Shared Homecare” at Uppsala University 2009, and it focused on improving homecare of elderly patients through ICT. Her continued research focuses on user centered development of patient centered information and communication systems to support collaboration within health- and social care as well as patient empowerment. Currently, she runs a study evaluating the introduction of patients’ online access to their electronic health records, and she has been involved in national eHealth projects for a long time. Maria is also the programme director for the Joint Global Masters Programme in Health Informatics at Karolinska Instutet/Stockholm University.



Helen Houmøller Rasmussen

Program Manager in TeleCare North

Helen Houmøller Rasmussen is a program manager in TeleCare North and has been working with the development of telemedicine as a health care service in a cross sectorial setting for patients with COPD and heart failure since 2011. Helen has a degree in social science. Helen is in TeleCare North responsible for the development of the organizational parts of the projects, and for developing new constructive ways of collaboration between hospitals, municipalities and general practitioners in North Denmark and for defining the clinical contents of the solutions.

The largescale project TeleCare North has shown how telemedicine for patients with COPD provides benefits for patients as well for public spending. Based on the experiences of the Telecare North project it has been decided between the Danish government, the regions and the municipalities in Denmark that the rest of the country by the end of 2019 delivers telemedicine for patients with severe COPD. Helen has been part of the national steering commitee for defining clinical recommendations for the home monitoring of patients with COPD.

Janne Lahtiranta

Senior Researcher at University of Turku

Dr. Lahtiranta is well-versed in the field of eHealth. He has worked nearly two decades in the field, actively collaborating with small and multinational companies operating in the field. During 2007-2013 Lahtiranta worked under a fixed term government program focused on smart specialization and knowledge-based investments in the field of eHealth. His current activities focus on developing Digital Health Ecosystems with the national university hospitals and hospital districts, and on implementing industry-driven higher education in the field of eHealth. His doctoral dissertation concentrated on personal health decision making and digital divide; how eHealth services can reach individuals who are unable – or unwilling – to use technology.

Sami Perälä

Sami Perälä

Executive Director at South Ostrobothnia Health Technological Development Centre

Sami Perälä was born in Seinäjoki, Finland, in 1970. He has degrees in nurse, operating room and anaesthesiological nursing and paramedical nursing (Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences), Master degree in health sciences (University of Kuopio) as well as vocational teacher education (Tampere University of Applied Sciences) and professional development in management (University of Tampere). Sami Perälä started working in South Ostrobothnia Telemedicine Centre in 1999 and became executive director in 2006. South Ostrobothnia Telemedicine Centre was renamed South Ostrobothnia Health Technological Development Centre since 2007.

Dee O’Sullivan

Dee O’Sullivan

Director of myhealthapps.net

Since 2013, Dee has been director of myhealthapps.net: a web portal of health apps reviewed and tested by patient and health consumer organisations worldwide. The site is published and maintained by PatientView, a UK-based data, research and publishing consultancy that canvasses and analyses patient perspectives on healthcare. It now has the capacity to reach out to 120,000 patient groups across the globe.In addition, she works with PatientView on related mobile health research projects and liaises on its behalf on relevant European public health policy initiatives. She is also PatientView’s representative on the newly-established EU Working Group on mHealth Assessment Guidelines.Dee has more than 20 years’ experience of the political and policy-making arenas at both national (UK) and EU levels, encompassing a wide range of roles from editorial to advocacy, pan-European stakeholder engagement and strategic communications, primarily in the field of public health. After 16 years based in Brussels Dee returned to the UK at the end of 2015.

Jette Ammentorp

Professor and Research Manager at Lillebaelt Hospital

Jette Ammentorp is Professor and Research Manager at the Health Services Research Unit at Lillebaelt Hospital. With a background in the clinic as a head nurse and a Ph.D. in health communication, her primary interest as a researcher is the development and assessment of methods to improve the patients’ role in healthcare communication. In several efficacy studies she has investigated the impact of multidisciplinary communication skills courses, methods to evaluate the outcome of the training and methods to implement and embed it in clinical practice. Intervention studies aimed to empower patients are another of her areas of interest.

Thomas Frahm

Director of Project Management at Life Science Nord Management GmbH

Dr. Thomas Frahm is the Director of Project Management at Life Science Nord Management GmbH. In the past he has helped the company to maintain constant growth of members (220 members in 2015, compared to 120 in 2011) and a permanent growth of budget during the managerial period. Also, Life Science Nord can look back on a raised number of events and services in cooperation with interdisciplinary cooperation partners. Since 2005 Dr. Thomas Frahm has a doctor title in Biology and has worked as a scientist and Project Leader for Nanobiotechnology at CAN GmbH.

The Interreg Vb project Baltic Fracture Competence Centre seeks to foster innovation for better fracture management. Due to an ageing society the need for innovative products and clinical procedures for fracture treatment is increasing as a response to age-related fractures and co-morbidities such as osteoporosis, infections and non-unions. Innovations in fracture management must reduce the cost of care or clearly improve the quality of care. The project consortium, existing of 13 organizations from 7 Baltic sea countries and 26 associated partners, will set up local fracture registries at five hospitals around the Baltic Sea Region and link them together in one transnational fracture registry.

Thomas Karopka

Project Manager Digital Health at ScanBalt fmba

Thomas Karopka has a background in Electronic Engineering. He started his career in the Telecommunication Industry in the early nineties. In 2002 he joined academia and worked in research in the area of bioinformatics and computer linguistics. Since 2007 he works in the domain of eHealth and assistive technology. He currently works as a project manager for eHealth at BioCon Valley GmbH, Greifswald, Germany and as Digital Health Expert for ScanBalt fmba, Copenhagen, Denmark. BioCon Valley is the cluster management organisation for health economy in the Federal State Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany. ScanBalt acts as a think tank and accelerator for health and bio economy in the Baltic Sea Region.

Thomas is currently chair of the International Medical Informatics Association Open Source Working Group (IMIA OS WG), chair of the Libre/Free Open Source Software Working Group of the European Federation for Medical Informatics (EFMI LIFOSS WG) as well as co-chair of the Collaborative Care Team in Open Source WG of the International Society for Telemedicine and eHealth (ISfTeH CCTOS WG).

Admir Kulin

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at m.Doc GmbH

Admir Kulin moved in the 90s during the Balkan-conflict to Germany, where he started his career as a professional basketball player and trainer. At the same time, the today 36-year old Admir Kulin studied economics with a focus on sport management and controlling. After his career as a professional basketball player, he also preferred the area of sports in his further career – namely as Head of Controlling at Sportswear GmbH.

After he worked several years at the Nürburgring Automotive GmbH and collected a lot of Know-how in the field of IT. After a leading position in a big IT-project, he decided to place this Know-how in the healthcare sector. Last, Admir Kulin was one of the members of the Executive Board at the Vitaphone GmbH.

Today, Admir Kulin is, as the Managing Director of the m.Doc GmbH, not only responsible for the entire focus of a young company, but he is also a specialist for the health care sector and not only known for his innovative ideas and business models, but also very much in demand as a speaker for IT and Healthcare topics in whole Germany.

Karen Lindegaard

Senior Consultant at the Welfare Tech Cluster – www.welfaretech.dk

Karen is a cluster manager and has since 2012 strived to develop the Welfare Tech to become an internationally recognized excellent Cluster. Consequently, Welfare Tech was awarded The Gold Label of the European Cluster Excellence Initiative (ECEI) in 2014 and 2016.

After working 15 years internationally with business incubator mangement, SMEs and Value Chain development, Karen is now leading the internationalization of the Welfare Tech Cluster, and managing the portfolio of international projects. Focus is on providing efficiency to the health-and-care sector by introducing innovative technology solutions, harvesting the benefits of technology introductions, and on sustaining the growth of SMEs within the health-and-care (Welfare) technology sector.

Cornelia Pankratz

EU funding and innovation advisor in the framework of the EU-Network “Enterprise Europe Network” at the Investitionsbank Schleswig-Holstein (IB.SH)

Cornelia Pankratz studied Applied Geography in Hannover and the U.S.A. and started working as cluster manager in the biotechnology cluster “BioRegioN” hosted at the Technology Agency Lower Saxony. She continued her career by performing various regional, national and European projects at the Bremen Innovation Agency. Among others following topics were tackled: “Stimulating innovation activities and helping SMEs with suitable technological and financial solutions”, “Competence Center for Mobile Business” and “Strengthening the regional innovation potential”. Since 2004 she works at IB.SH and consults on EU funding possibilities as well as regional and national innovation support schemes: main activities include the assessment of project ideas, consulting on R&D and innovation funding programmes (both grants and finance instruments), identifying suitable partners and support in project application and implementation. Moreover, she performs a so called “Innovation Management Check” to support the innovation capacities in SME.

Anna-Lena Pohl

Research Associate, Project Manager at Flensburg University of Applied Sciences

Anna-Lena Pohl has studied in Kiel / Germany and Aberdeen / Scotland and has a degree in political sciences. She started working for the German Bundestag and the Executive Board of the German Social Democratic Party and then returned to University, working as scientific staff at Humbold-Universität zu Berlin. Since November 2012 she is working for the Flensburg University of Applied Sciences, managing the eHealth for Regions Network, conducting own research in eHealth Literacy and is engaged as project manager in international projects.

Felix Prell

Project Manager at University Hospital Schleswig-Holstein
Project Leader PROMETHEUS - empowering patients

Felix Prell works as project manager at the University Hospital Schleswig-Holstein (UKSH) in Kiel, Germany. He holds a master of science and has a background in multimedia technology and design, as both developer and lecturer. His keen interest in patients’ concerns and a firm belief that quality of life and healthcare efficiency can be significantly improved by correct application of innovative technologies has driven him to initiate and lead the EU-funded Interreg project PROMETHEUS. He has the experience of two prior Interreg health projects to draw from to help make user-driven innovation, shared decision-making, and the empowerment of Danish and German patients a reality.

Raphael Reitzig

Software Developer at Telepaxx Medical Archiving GmbH

Raphael Reitzig has been a programmer for more than half of his life. On his way to the health sector he went on a detour through academia. He graduated in computer science with a focus on algorithmics, then stayed on as research and teaching assistant. Only recently has Raphael found his way to Telepaxx and creating things that normal people might actually get to use. His current project is bringing HealthDataSpace to mobile devices.

HealthDataSpace is a cloud service of IT companies Telepaxx Medical Archiving and Digithurst Bildverarbeitungssysteme. Telepaxx is the European market leader in long-time archiving of medical data with certified data privacy. They provide the infrastructure of HealthDataSpace, running in secure data centers located in Germany, and a data-privacy concept modeled after their established e-pacs storage service. Digithurst creates the software of HealthDataspace, including mobile image viewer medVIEW. The owner-managed company has been creating independent IT solutions in the radiology field for more than 30 years and is one of the leaders in the industry.

Peeter Ross

Professor at Tallinn University of Technology and radiologist in East Tallinn Central Hospital, Estonia

Peeter serves as e-health professor and senior research scientist in eMed Lab of Tallinn University of Technology (TUT). Peeter also holds radiologists position in East Tallinn Central Hospital. He is a founder and member of the board of e-health and radiology consulting company SMIS International OÜ. Dr. Ross has previously worked as a Director of R&D in East Tallinn Central Hospital. He has been a member of the supervisory board of the Estonian E-health Foundation and Estonian Health Insurance Fund.

Peeter Ross has participated actively in designing and implementation of Estonian nation-wide Health Information System. He has also been involved in several EU funded eHealth projects (InterregPacs, Baltic eHealth, R-Bay, Dreaming, epSOS, eMedic, PrimCareIT, SUSTAINS, Momentum, etc.). Peeter Ross is a past president of Estonian Society of Radiology (2005-2011). As the professor and senior research scientist in TUT, Peeter Ross is responsible for research of healthcare innovation and use of digital applications in health domain. He has been one of the main designers of masters´ and doctoral program in healthcare technology and healthcare engineering.